A CutlerDruck in Seattle



BEARS WIN! BEARS WIN!! You go ahead and cheer, Jay. You done Chicago proud. As he packs for Denmark and plans his speech on Chicago’s behalf to the International Olympic Committee, the leader of the free world is smiling today thanks to a Bears victory at Qwest Field on Sunday.

The 12th man was in full force pulling the Bears offsides, but for once the other team’s second string QB was NO MATCH for our first string. And this post wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging a debt of gratitude to Seahawks kicker Olindo Mare, for missing a few easy ones:

If I were Robbie Gould, I woulda hit that.

Blinded by the light of his own neon green jersey.

Thanks, dude! And though he is not pictured here, Robbie Gould — you are the perfect Chicago player. You’re the guy who never misses a day of work; who quietly, humbly and without fanfare keeps us in the game, again and again. The city of broad shoulders rests a good portion of its playoff hopes on your skinny ones — you’re better than Gould, you’re platinum. GO BEARS!


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