Put the Lime in the CocoDruck

Maybe I should call it a coconut explosion.

Maybe I should call it a coconut explosion.

In celebration of my dear friend David Anspaugh’s birthday, some gals and I made him a party at the Wilshire last night. Per his request for coconut cream pie, I made the epicurious.com version pictured above, and merged it with Bobby Flay’s recipe for coconut pastry filling.

You can make the pie crust as the recipe states, substitute your own like I did or buy one (especially when baking a shell, sometimes the foolproof store version is the way to go). For the filling, I used Bobby’s recipe (I prefer cornstarch to flour as a thickening agent) and added the 1 1/2 cups of sweetened flaked coconut.

So all was well and good — crust, golden and crisp. Filling, creamy and coconutty. And then I tried to whip the cream. In my 100° apartment, in a warm bowl, with warm beaters. TWICE. It looked like curds and whey — the cream all bunched up like fluffy cottage cheese and puddled with what looked like milky water. I tossed out both batches, stopped by the store and bought cream-in-a-can, worked just fine but melted FAST. Good thing we all gobbled it up so quickly!

Poor Wilshire seems to be suffering in the recession (that’s what you get for charging $15 for a martini, I guess) and even though the LOVELY barstaff was as affable as ever, I’m worried that there just aren’t enough people there. Kate grabbed a pic or two with her iPhone; hoping to update this post with a nice picture of the birthday boy and his bitches! Happy Friday!



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2 responses to “Put the Lime in the CocoDruck

  1. Anspaugh said it was the best coconut cream pie “he had ever tasted in [his] life.” Truth. Readers, be jealous you didn’t have any.

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