Shangri Druckin La

Bienvenidos a Miami Beach, CA

Bienvenidos a Miami Beach, CA

After a lovely evening with Ashley at the Shangri La hotel pool bar, I had to look up Shangri La this morning. I learned that it’s an imaginary land depicted in a 1933 novel called Lost Horizon. Its current definition — thanks, Merriam Webster — is “a remote, usually idyllic hideaway.”

And that about fits the bill at this Miami Beach-inspired idyll, that also brought to mind a more relaxed, West Side version of Sky Bar in WeHo’s Mondrian hotel.



You’ll find the same overpriced drinks ($13-18) you’d see at Sky Bar or Miami’s Delano, and the same teensy cut-out dresses and wobbly heels. But there’s something in the air here — maybe it’s the breeze off the Pacific — that smacks of youthful optimism and maybe even innocence.

It’s refreshing not to see beautiful people trying so hard to look so bored. And there ARE some beauties here, ladies. GUY candy everywhere! Hurry, before the ratio becomes less favorable.

And do you know what else? FRESH GRAPEFRUIT JUICE. Shangri La di da!


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