Best Druckin BBQ Brisket in LA

Doin' Rosh Hashanah like they do in TX. Wait...

Doin' Rosh Hashanah like they do in TX. Wait...

It is so hot in LA right now — even here on the windy(er) West side, that I feel like I’ve got a fever, and the only cure is beef brisket. Especially if it comes from Dr. Hogly Wogly’s Tyler Texas Bar B Que in Van Nuys, CA. (Also the porn capital of the U.S., but that’s a cure for another kind of fever.)

If you are unfamiliar with this cut of meat beloved by Jewish grandmothers and Texas BBQ enthusiasts alike, I like this description from the Chicago Tribune test kitchens: “Brisket is a chewy, cheap cut of beef redolent of the gristled basket from which it takes its name.” (That would be the gut basket, I think, of a cow. YUM!)

I was lucky enough to attend the Mother of all Rosh Hashanah dinners at the home of uber-hosts Betsy and Eric last weekend, and Hogly Wogly brisket was also in attendance. It’s fall-off-your-fork tender, with a smoky, subtle sweetness and just a hint of vinegar to keep things interesting. Eric (the goyim, no less!) made textbook-perfect kugel and potato pancakes WITH fixins — oy gevalt you should all eat so well. L’shanah tovah!

Oh and just FYI — I had a hard time seeing anything on the Wogly website while using a Mac, had much better luck with a PC. C’mon Doc Hogly, that’s hardly democratic. Mac folk are BBQ lovers too!



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2 responses to “Best Druckin BBQ Brisket in LA

  1. Anonymous

    Yum, brisket.

  2. I hold you personally responsible for the fact that I have never heard of this place. What are you going to do to make amends?

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