Da Bears DRUCK UP Da Steelers!

"Thanks for taking the pressure off, Johnny."

"Thanks for taking the pressure off, Johnny."

JOHNNY KNOX: Ow you’re hurting.

DEVIN HESTER: Listen Junior, I’m pretending to be happy for you. Go with it.

JOHNNY KNOX: Pretending?

DEVIN HESTER: It’s one thing to catch the ball like a pro when you’re only a rookie. It’s another to run circles around me at kick return. What’s next, Thanksgiving at Lovey’s? Top of Ron Turner’s Christmas list?

JOHNNY KNOX: Ha ha ha, ha ha OLIN! Is that you over there? I have to go talk to my friend Olin now. Good bye older, slower dude.

BEARS WIN! And mea culpa, please allow me to take back some of the mean things I said about Cutler. Yes,  he’s kind of a whiny baby. But he threw all OVER the so-called world champion Pittsburgh Steelers, and even better, when the final kick was good (thank God for Robbie Gould), he actually looked DELIGHTED that the Bears won.

A quarterback who can throw for 118 yards in the fourth quarter and actually GIVES A CRAP? Might be too much to hope for, but after yesterday, I’M A BELIEVER! BEAR DOWN!


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