The Whisper Lounge? Shut the Druck Up!

Whisper me this, Batman.

Whisper me this, Batman.

I have been having fun this morning saying the word “whisper” over and over. (Doesn’t take much.) Or as Stewie from Family Guy would say, “Hwhisper.”

And speaking of hwhispering, if you want to have a romantic tete-a-tete, get the latest water-cooler whispers from your co-workers or share some secrets with a fellow CIA operative, the Whisper Lounge at the Grove might be the ideal place. Long white curtains, candlelight and cushy banquettes give the outdoor area a distinct bedroom feel, and the strong, fruity cocktails (try the uber-fresh Watermelon Spike) are bound to inspire a few true confessions.

Hush, hush. Keep it down, down. Voices carry.

Hush, hush. Keep it down, down. Voices carry.

Met a few pals there last night, and as usual Mother Drucker didn’t eat, but pal Brooke seemed pleased with her spinach and roasted mushroom salad with goat cheese, candied walnuts and smoked bacon (!!) vinaigrette. Smoked bacon anything is a plus, but the lack of fresh grapefruit juice in my cocktail was a distinct MINUS. Work on that, Whisper!

The five of us (three writers!) had one of those fantastic conversations where everyone has so much to say, you can’t get the words out fast enough — jumping from world politics to Smashbox eyeshadow faster than you can say “Only in LA.” And speaking of only in LA, does anyone know if vodka or tequila is a better libation for dieters? Please help! Mother Drucker needs to know.


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  1. This ‘Brooke’ gal pal of yours doesn’t seem to be a very good Jew. Eating a salad with bacon AND cheese all together in one combination and all. Especially seeing as Yom Kippur is coming up this weekend. Not cool, ‘Brooke’. Not cool at all.

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