Best Druckin Slice in Santa Monica, CA

Try the cheese explosion.

Try the cheese explosion.

I wish this were a picture of BRAVO Pizzeria’s ‘Cheese Explosion’ — my favorite slice in perhaps all of Southern California (thus far). I could steal an image from one of the C.E.’s many fans on Flickr, but that would be bad karma, so instead I will link to it here. Feel free to lick your lips while imagining its cheesy perfection.

As described on their website, the C.E. is a white pizza with sautéed farm-fresh spinach, fontina, ricotta, BRAVO’s house smoked mozzarella, aged pecorino romano, olive oil and a touch of garlic. But it’s WAY more than a touch of garlic — it’s whole cloves roasted until they are meltingly soft, sweet and nutty, cradled by spinach and cheese like eggs in a nest. What gets me is the sweet ricotta — big generous spoonfuls, so satisfying there amidst all that salty smoked mozzarella. YUM.

My one quibble is the name: a cheese explosion sounds like an unfortunate gynecological or urological condition. Quattro Formaggio Blanco? Too pretentious for this friendly neighborhood place. Cheesy Wonder? Four Cheese Delight? This is so much harder than it looks! More coffee, stat.


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  1. Cheese-O-Rific. Cheese-Matic. Cheesematazz.

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