Worst. Druckin. QB. EVER.

Sweep the leg, Johnny.

Sweep the leg, Johnny.

I like this picture because it looks like Jay Cutler here in PAIN. I think he will be lucky if his own team is not sacking him by mid-season or if the Chicago fans don’t get him in a dark alley. FOUR PICKS. And it would have been more if a few Packers defenders hadn’t dropped some easy catches he threw right at them.

And Devin Hester. Yes, thank you, one touchdown. But what is up with your twirlie pirouette, whoops I’m running the wrong way kick returns? You are putting so much pressure on yourself (bless you for trying) that I’m thinking the only available option is hypnotism.

Everyone says Bears’ fans are haters so I feel compelled to point out a few bright spots. Rookie Knox looked good and FAST and Earl Bennett had some moments, but the comical fake punt (!!!) and other questionable coaching decisions  make me think that it’s high time the bears gave Lovey the SHOVE-Y and got a coach more interested in winning than surrounding himself with his useless old cronies.

How we miss thee, Ron Rivera.


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